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Welcome to my completely horrible page! Feel free to look around at the little things that I have! Enjoy all my unfinished stories! I hope to finish at least one series... But we all know that that most likely won't happen!

My favourite anime are Black Butler, Hetalia and I think it's safe to say that Durarara has worked it's way into my top anime as well. I've seen a couple other anime so feel free to send a message! The anime/manga that I have read can be seen below in the plz that I added~ Some are missing but that's okay.

Other things I'm currently in are Miraculous Ladybug, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Undertale. And most importantly, Durarara!!

To sum up my OTP :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz:


My husbands: :iconheiwajima--shizuo::iconshizzyplz::iconpervyshizouplz: :iconunclesebs::iconsebastianluvplz::iconssebastiann:

:iconinulickplz::iconinusuckplz: :iconsesshhandsomeplz: :iconsesshbeautifulplz: :iconsebbyrapefaceplz: :iconblackbutlerplz: :iconseeintoyoursoulplz: :iconpockydanceplz: :iconfrenchsquealplz: :iconceilingfranceplz: :iconprussiawinplz: :icondivaprussiaplz: :iconspainassplz: :iconitalybrosheartplz: :iconpantyfrance-plz::iconhonhonhonplz: :icontuxedomaskplz: :iconlunasailormoonplz: :iconusagiandlunaplz: :iconfullmetalplz: :iconkyoyaplz: :icondramatictamakiplz: :icontamakiplz: :iconmitskuniplz: :iconsulkplz: :iconblushingtamakiplz: :iconnofightingplz2: :iconihavetopee2plz: :iconduudewtfplz: :icongaaayplz::iconnotgaaayplz: :iconizayaownedplz::iconshizuoplz: :iconshizayaplz:

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A long, deep sigh came from the blond Frenchman. His life was just so boring and he wanted something exciting to happen! Something like a celebrity meeting him and they fall in love, or while walking home he finds a magical creature that will take him away to another world.

“But what are zee chances of zat ‘appening? Extremely slim to none.” He sighs again as he looks out the French café window.

The Frenchman, Francis, had been working at this café for at least 7 years now. It was a cute little place with a colourful scheme to it. Francis got off the green chair and went to the locked front door. He flipped the sign from “open” to “closed”. Seven o’clock had finally rolled around and his work day finished with yet another quiet day. Francis gathered this things, shut off all the lights, locked the doors then headed out into the cool fall night.

He wrapped his red scarf around his neck as his bright blue eyes scanned the dark street. He had a really weird feeling that something was going to happen. It made him nervous and scared at the same time. He turned to Lightway Park, having this internal pull towards it, like something was beckoning him into the old and dark trees. Francis never liked to take this way, especially at night because he wasn’t a big fan of the dark and there had been some recent news of people going missing in this park. His steps were slow as he looked around very carefully, trying to make of what each of the shadows were.

He whipped his head around as he heard a twig snap; then seeing a little rabbit hop across the path. “Calm down Francis..” He told himself. “Zere is nozing zere… Just little animals zat live in zee forest…” He debated turning back and going home, but that pull was still in his gut and he felt the need to check what was causing it.

The old oak and maple trees groaned in the cold autumn wind, then seemed to part to reveal an old mansion with a crumbling brick wall surrounding it. Francis stopped walking and tucked a golden lock of hair behind his ear.

“I never knew zere was a mansion all zee way out ‘ere… I wonder eef anyone lives zere.” Looking up to the windows, he saw a light, a lantern by the way it moved, pass from window to window. “I guess zere is…”

Francis went up to the rusted gates and pushed it open; it didn’t budge. He scanned the area around the gates and found that there were perfect foot holds in the brick walls. In just a couple seconds, he was up and over the wall without injury. After brushing himself off, he started up the long gravel path to the front doors of this old, brown bricked manor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The front doors to this grand mansion were quite amazing. There was a beautiful Celtic design carved into it with little gemstones placed into the design. Francis ran his hand over the door and to his surprise, the door swung open. He hesitated before peeking his head into the front entrance.

“Bonjour…? Is anyone ‘ome?” He called out into the room, hearing his voice echo a long ways. He stepped into the house and closed the door behind him with a small click then turned around to look around the big room.

The room was dressed with garnet wallpaper and black fixtures with a grand crystal chandelier hanging from the centre of the ceiling. The room looked like it came right out of the Victorian Era, and it looked rather beautiful with all the dark colours and floral prints on the furniture. Francis noticed that it was actually bright in the room despite it looking very dark from the outside. He heard a noise from the room to his left and crept towards it.

He poked his head into the room and found the lantern that he saw earlier. Along with it was a man’s body cloaked in royal blue. Just as Francis opened his mouth to say something, the man turned around and looked at him with shining green eyes. The man scoffed when he saw Francis.

“I was hoping to have a better guest than a Frenchman. Anyone would be better than a bloody Frenchman.”

Francis frowned and stepped into the room. “Excusé moi. I never asked to be taken ‘ere. I was just following my gut feeling.”

The cloaked man rolled his eyes and waved his hand at him. “Go away. I don’t need you here. I’ll just summon another person.”

Francis stood his ground and had his arms akimbo, showing the man that he wasn’t going to leave. “Well too bad. I’m staying wheazer you like eet or not. I’m going to explore zis place because, despite zee man living ‘ere, eet is razer beautiful.”

“.... You’re an asshole and I don’t want you here so leave now!”

“I said non! I’m staying ‘ere.”

The man frowned deeply then stomped towards Francis. He took him by the arm and dragged him to the front door to throw him out but the door didn’t budge.

“What the-” He let go of Francis and pulled on the door with all his might; still it didn’t budge. He turned around and glared at Francis. “What did you do to the front door?!”

“I did nozing! I walked in and closed eet! Zat was all!”

The master of the house ran his fingers through his shaggy blond hair then down his face while groaning. “I hate you. I hate you so much. I can’t leave the house now that you’re here. I hate you.”

“You don’t even know ‘oo I am. I could be your next lover for all you know and you’re just claiming zat you ‘ate moi.”

He moved his hands and looked at him through his fingers. “..... You’re kidding. Even if I did find you attractive, which I don’t, I would never love you because you are French!”

Now it was Francis’ turn to roll his eyes. “You’re being very unreasonable. Eet’s like you’re stuck in zee past and can’t forgive any French person for past disputes.”

“I’m a proud Brit so what do you expect?”

“I would expect you to be a gentleman like you all claim to be.”

That shut him up. “.... My name is Arthur Kirkland and I do not care for your presence so please leave this instant.”

“Kirkland…. I feel like I know zat name… Whatever.” Francis flipped his hair and gave Arthur a wink. “My name is Francis Bonnefoy~ And I will not leave because I will be living wiz you from now on~”

Arthur groaned loudly and went back to the drawing room with Francis following. “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. And stop following me.”

“I can do whatever I want. Especially since zis ‘ouse is part mine now.”

“I never-” Arthur groaned loudly. “I can’t stand you! Leave me alone!” He hurried out of the room and stormed down the hallway to get away from Francis, but he just kept following him. “If you don’t stop following me, I swear to God.”

“What? You’re going to ‘urt moi? And what exactly can you do to moi?” Arthur faced the Frenchman and glared at him with deep crimson eyes. “...A-Arthur…?” Francis took a couple steps backwards to create a bigger space between them but quickly ran out of room with three steps. Suddenly Arthur lunged at him, making Francis yell for his life. Everything went black.
Vampire! FrUK 1
This was my half of an art/fanfic trade and I'm planning on making this have multiple chapters because I feel like I can easily have them go through many problems before falling in love like the idiots they are~
Every week Francis will take a selfie with Arthur's phone then set it as his background. He'll change it on random days so Arthur won't be able to guess which day he'll change it on. His pics will always be changing too. Whether his hair is up, down, wet or messy, or he's wearing clothes or not, or he's smiling, winking, blowing a kiss, making a silly face or being seductive, or making a peace sign, licking his fingers or even licking a dildo, he'll change the pic to make Arthur smile, laugh or get hard~

He also likes to take selfies on Art's phone when he's baking, laying in bed, drinking coffee, reading while wearing glasses or any other activity he's doing. He also made a folder on the phone called "Francis' selfies" so if Arthur really likes one, then he'll always have it. But of course Francis deletes the bad ones so he only looks beautiful and fab. 

Addition: He will also  use a couple dick pics to really freak Arthur out when he opens his phone~

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