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Hello Smello! I'm Lacey. I am a major fangirl!

My main fangirling is towards Hetalia and Black Butler. I love them SO much!! I have other favourites too, but those are my most fave. Some of my other faves are Ouran High School Host Club, No.6 and Sailor Moon. There are a lot of others that I like, but not as much.

To sum up my OTP :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz:
:iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz:
:iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz: :iconshipfrance1plz::iconshipbritain2plz:


:iconinulickplz::iconinusuckplz: :iconsesshhandsomeplz: :iconsesshbeautifulplz: :iconsebbyrapefaceplz: :iconseeintoyoursoulplz: :iconpockydanceplz: :iconfrenchsquealplz: :iconceilingfranceplz: :iconprussiawinplz: :icondivaprussiaplz: :iconspainassplz: :iconitalybrosheartplz: :iconpantyfrance-plz::iconhonhonhonplz:

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:iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz: :iconravebutlerplz:
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:iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz: :iconpervyjapanplz:


On this lonely Thursday afternoon, Francis was sitting at the wooden desk, on the computer watching some rather inappropriate videos; adult inappropriate. He was just so horny and he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. He was finally at his limit and started to unzip his pants when he suddenly got an idea.

“I wonder eef Arthur left ‘is phone at ‘ome… Zen I could make ‘im some personal porn~” Francis quickly scanned the wooden desk then went off to another room to look for it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About an hour or so later, Francis had given up. He looked in every place he could think of; including the fridge and pantry.

“Where could ‘e ‘ave put eet… Don’t tell moi ‘e actually took eet to work wiz ‘im…” He felt like an idiot as he realized that he could have just called Arthur’s phone.

Francis picked up the home phone and dialled Arthur’s number. He followed the quiet ringing noise to find that Arthur had left it in his sock drawer! The blond rolled his eyes as he hung up the phone. “Idiot.”

The Frenchman went back to the computer, removed his trousers, sat down, took a hold of himself, pressed the record button on the phone, as well as the play button on the porn video then began to pleasure his member.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Francis made the video, making sure to save it. He continued on to take selfies of himself licking his own fluids from his hand. After setting the picture as his background, he got another amazing idea. He recorded himself moaning loudly then proceeded to set his moan as his husband’s ringtone. He also did this with a different moan for Arthur’s text messages. Francis laughed as he cleaned the phone and himself; Arthur would be home in a couple hours. He calmly put the phone on the bed.


Five o'clock finally rolled around, meaning  Arthur would be home soon. Just as Francis thought this, his beloved husband walked in the door looking more tired than ever.

“Bonjour amour~! ‘ow was- oh…” Francis turned the corner and saw the man. “Zat bad?”

“Very bad.” He slowly put his things away, went to the living room and plopped down on the couch with a loud groan. Arthur closed his eyes and put his head back, enjoying his quiet home. Francis bit his lip then turned on his heel, heading upstairs to retrieve the Brit’s phone.

He came back down with it and sat beside Arthur. “I ‘ave somezing zat will make you feel a lot better…~”

The other blond turned his head and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Francis opened the video, handed it to him then went into the kitchen to start dinner. Arthur didn’t question anything, he watched the video with no complaints; well almost. As was expected, Arthur was all hot and bothered when the video was over. He cursed Francis then went into the kitchen.

“Why must you torture me so?”

Francis replied with a smile as his husband wrapped his arms around his waist, pressing the bulge in his pants against his butt. “Parce’que you need eet and I’m lonely all day wiz out you.”

Arthur was silent as he thought. He reached out and turned off the burner. “Forget dinner for now, I need-” He received a text, making his new ringtone go off. “You really are trying to kill me!” The couple laughed as Arthur pulled Francis upstairs to their bed.

“I told you amour~ I get very lonely when you are at work all day.”

The Brit pushed his lover down on the bed, crawling over him. “Maybe I should take some time off…”

Francis smiled. “Zat is an excellent idea~”

They smiled at each other then quickly got into the mood. They gave each other loving kisses filled with passion and love.

“God I love you so much Francis.”

Francis wrapped his arms around Arthur’s neck, combing his fingers through his hair. “Je t’aime de tout mon coeur Arthur.”

Arthur groaned loudly and kissed him deeply. “I love it when you speak French.”

“Alors, je parler comme ça toute la nuit~?”

“I have no idea what you just said, but don’t stop.”

Arthur kept giving him loving kisses, rewarding him for his French.

Both of them knew it was going to be a long night.
Selfies to A Husband 5 (UKFr)
Sorry if the French is wrong. I tried.

Also there won't be a sex chapter because I asked you dorks to comment if you wanted one so I'm really sorry to those other people wanted the chapter


Click here for the head canon:

Feel free to message me an idea and I'll see what I can do for you~

Every week Francis will take a selfie with Arthur's phone then set it as his background. He'll change it on random days so Arthur won't be able to guess which day he'll change it on. His pics will always be changing too. Whether his hair is up, down, wet or messy, or he's wearing clothes or not, or he's smiling, winking, blowing a kiss, making a silly face or being seductive, or making a peace sign, licking his fingers or even licking a dildo, he'll change the pic to make Arthur smile, laugh or get hard~

He also likes to take selfies on Art's phone when he's baking, laying in bed, drinking coffee, reading while wearing glasses or any other activity he's doing. He also made a folder on the phone called "Francis' selfies" so if Arthur really likes one, then he'll always have it. But of course Francis deletes the bad ones so he only looks beautiful and fab. 

Addition: He will also  use a couple dick pics to really freak Arthur out when he opens his phone~

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